About Fashion Update

Fashion Update Inc. was established in 1985. Fashion Update focuses on secret New York City designer showrooms and sample sales through Fashion Update Magazine. President and owner, Sarah Gardner conducts shopping tours to the hottest designers in NYC. Sarah attracts thousands of shoppers national and international who save up to 90% off retail prices. Sarah Gardner is truly the bargain-ista in NYC!

More information go to www.fashionupdate.us

About Sarah Gardner Productions

Sarah Gardner Productions was established under Fashion Update. Sarah Gardner Productions is a Public Relations Company. We are a multi-faceted company that promotes, restaurants, beauty, fashion, education, technology, medicine, and home furnishing in NYC through features, articles and segments in all forms of media. Using our extensive list of contacts, we feature our clients on TV, in magazines and newspapers and on blogs. We also provide other marketing services. 

Meet Sarah Gardner

As the President and owner of Sarah Gardner Productions dba Fashion Update since 1985, Sarah has gained tremendous credibility and notoriety for her PR services. She is known in the industry as New York's "Bargain Lifestyle Expert" and appears regularly on major local news stations. Just recently, she appeared in the New York Post, as NY's most successful publicist and lifestyle expert! Sarah has a reputation for landing featured placements and promoting the best in fashion, restaurants, home decor and beauty and her team would love to promote you too.